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Tecnolux Inc of Brooklyn

Ablon Technologies LLC is a company that was formed by David Ablon to pursue cold cathode lighting and effects of all light sources in advertising, decorative elements and general illumination. The service of Ablon technologies is to promote and disseminate information on the technology of cold cathode, consult with manufacturing facilities, lighting designers and work directly with producers of cold cathode components. David Ablon is currently a principal in Precision Neon Inc. and Brooklyn Glass LLC. Fluorescent lighting, especially cold cathode has seen significant improvements in efficacy and color rendering over the past five years. With the advent of switching power supplies and the fact that cold cathode is unaffected by motion sensors and is completely dimmable makes cold cathode a very viable energy-efficient sustainable light source. For more information contact David Ablon



103 14th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 369-3900