Black Widow

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Black Widow
The Black Widow is a 4 inlet concept torch. The engineers behind the magic gathered advice from every artist that walked through Carlisle's doors. After various trials, the original Black Widow was born. It was an all surface mixed torch with the center fire built exactly like the ever popular High Oxy Mini CC centerfire.
As the Black Widow gained popularity, artists began to make new requests. They wanted something that would be able to "punch" a hole right through medium wall tubing. Carlisle responded and the results were breathtaking. The Widow is now offered with four different variations of the centerfire. It is now possible to get the Widow with a pre-mixed #3, pre-mixed #5, surface mixed "Artistic", or surface mixed "Hi Oxy" center fire.
The Widow base is something entirely unique. It can be adjusted vertically to accommodate the standing artist or a larger piece of artwork. The head of the torch is also adjustable in a front-to-back motion (almost straight up or down) and turns 360°. The Widow is the perfect torch for any Borosilicate worker as well as the soft glass bead maker or master sculptor.
Consumption based on standard usage is approximately 80 CFH (cubic foot per hour) of propane and 448 CFH of oxygen. This burner may be used with oxygen and either natural gas, propane, or even hydrogen. The recommended operating pressures are 2 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) for fuel gas and 20 PSI for oxygen.


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