SKU: NS-03

NS-03 As suggested by this color’s name, there are numerous exciting effects that can be yielded from NS-03 Multi. If you are new to the world of striking colors, Multi is a great forgiving start. When worked in an oxidizing flame this color produces smoky blues and sea greens. When reduced, NS-03 Multi yields earthy reds and gold tones. This color works well in moderately thin blown work and sculpture. To yield other interesting effects, try encasing NS-03 Multi with clear, or with a transparent color such as NS-42 Cinnamon or NS-25 Peach. To intensify NS-03 Multi’s appearance, try backing it with an opaque color such as NS-54 Star White. For additional interesting color tips, refer to Northstar Newsletter issue 15 under the heading NS-58 Mint.


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